Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Adventure

I'm starting a new adventure!! (NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!) If you are still interested in finding out what the adventure is after learning that it is not a potential baby girl, continue reading...

Living in Western Mass has been a challenge. People here are very different from the other places that I have lived. The first thing we noticed when we moved here (5 years ago) was the first question asked was, "What is/was your major in college and where do/did you attend?" My husband was just starting an associate degree at the time (yes, he started later than normal), and people became awkward after we told them. It felt like we weren't good enough for them. Sadly, this even happened at church, a lot. It was frustrating. I did not attend college. I did, however, attend beauty school and after an intense testing process in Maine, received my license. Still, I was not respected because I was not a college graduate or working mother. 

I stopped telling people about myself and even limited attending social/church events where these questions would be asked. I did not answer questions in church classes out of fear that it would not be an intellectual thought. It's been a hard 5 years. 

My husband and I have talked about me going to school. But, nothing ever came of it. That was because I wasn't sure I really wanted anything to come of it. Then came an option that I felt was the Lord saying, "Hillary, this is for you!" It came in the form of Pathway. Pathway is a low-cost educational opportunity that combines online courses with local gatherings. Students earn college credit that is eligible for transfer to BYU-Idaho and other universities.

It is an AMAZING program. The cost per credit hour is $65 for U.S. residents and the cost is significantly lower in many other countries. Check out the program here

So, as crazy as it seems, I am enrolled in college courses!! Holy Smokes! It still seems weird to say. I'm nervous, excited, overwhelmed, yet totally calm all in one. Some members of my family are very concerned about the toll it will take, but I am confident that the Lord will bless me and that this was the right decision.

I'm sure the stress, pressure, and whining will come in time. But as for now, I am excited. I have even completed my first two assignments as a college student! It may seem small and insignificant, but it's a big deal to me. I never thought college would be an option for me. I was embarrassed to tell people at first, but now I am embracing it. I'm a college student am I am learning to be proud of it!!

Stay tuned for my fun and crafty girls outing last week. It may be the last one I see for a while!! Creative Fun in Easthampton will be posted soon!

Have a wonderful night,



  1. Hillary, I am sorry if I or anyone made you feel bad. Because the majority of young families who move to the Amherst area are doing so to finish their schooling, I may have asked you where you went to school. But I surely didn't mean to imply you weren't as good. I've been in awe of you since I met you.

  2. Rody, Thank you for your kind words. I don't remember who said/asked what, and I'm glad. I don't hold grudges against anyone in the ward. After a lot of praying and pondering about the whole matter, I have come to realize that a large majority of what we felt was due to our own insecurities. We felt inadequate and therefore felt that every mention toward school was a strike against us. Our ward has changed drastically since we moved in and I feel like there is much less pressure now. But most of all, I have come to realize who I am and that I bring my own set of strengths to the table. Thank you for your love, concern, and friendship!